COVID-19 and Social Dancing

BeLeste Dance aims to make a fun, safe dance environment for everyone. We have a Qld Health approved COVID Plan in place, and as part of this Plan there are a few changes:

   ♥    There will be defined entry times, with infrared thermal scanning and a contact list, so please allow a little extra time. If there is a line up at the door, please be patient as this is new for all of us. And, remember to social distance.

   ♥    Hand sanitiser will be available at various points around the room.

   ♥    There will be a few short breaks throughout the night for cleaning of surfaces.

   ♥    Contactless payment methods are encouraged, but we will still be accepting cash. If you can bring correct change that would be great.

        Dancers can choose to dance with partners, or solo if you desire.

   ♥    Whilst we can change partners, please consider sanitising or washing your hands more regularly.

   ♥    The water fountain outside the dance room is for filling water bottles only, so please bring your own water bottle.

   ♥    As per Queensland Health Department regulations, we will not be sharing any food or drink on the night.

   ♥    When you are not dancing please remember to social distance (1.5 metres between each other).

   ♥    If you do not feel well, please do not attend for the safety of everyone.

   ♥    We reserve the right to refuse entry if you are not well, or unable to comply with government COVID regulations.

In response to the current COVID situation in southern Brisbane and Logan we are making the following changes:

   ♥    There will be no progressive dances

   ♥    The maximum number of people in the room has been reduced

   ♥    We encourage people to stick with one partner (whilst not mandatory)

   ♥    You are welcome to wear a mask and gloves (making them sparkly is optional)

   ♥    If you have visited any of the venues listed by Qld Health please do not attend.

As we are allowed limited numbers, entry is via bookings only, so please confirm your place by:

   ♥    Text: 0412 494 750 or 0407 648 392

   ♥    Email:, or by

   ♥    Messenger.

Places are limited so book in quickly!
If we have more people than we can fit, we will consider splitting the night to include a second dance.
We are so excited to be able to dance again and can’t wait to see you all.
The BeLeste Dance Team